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Caster & castor is a kind of tool which installed on transportation machinery. The purpose and the surroundings should be taken into consideration before choosing a proper caster/castor.

How to choose caster

-Maximum load capacity.
-While choosing a caster, the total load capacity of the carrier of the most important criterion.
-The maximum load capacity shown on this catalog is refer to the limit of single caster under safe handling. Beloe computational formula is a reference for using four casters simultaneously.
-T=Total maximum load   M=single caster maximum load  T=Mx4x0.8.

How to assemble caster

A. Please use same series caster to assemble.
B. Make sure caster are put on horizontal surface.
C. For swivel caster. Make sure the spin perpendicular to the setting surface.
D. For rigid caster. Make sure the caster a parallel each other.
E. Use proper screw, nut and washer to assemble, tightening the caster.

* Announcements

Operating environment

Caster design to use on flat ground at the normal temperature and should be avoid from acod, alkali, salt, oil and rugget ground. In addition, caster use in the special environment such as 60’C or -5, should be comfirmed detail information on the catalog or ask manufacturer.

* Brake

There is two kind of brakes for caster. One is left brake, and the other is right brake. Right brake are in majority without special explainations. Brake capacity maybe decline after a long-term use. Abradability of the brake need to be check before using.
A. Please trample the carrier or hand truck adequately with feet on shoes under the braking mode.
B. Don’t place the carrier or hand truck on the slope under the braking mode.
C. Don’t trample brake pedal while the carrier or hand truck is working.

* Setting

A. Don’t exceed the maximum load.
B. This product is suitable for flat ground, can’t be dropped high place or crashed.
C. Please consult manufacturer if there have any special requirement for the caster.

* Product reformation

Our products can not be reformed repaired by other standard accessories atrandom. Our company shall not be liable for any consequences by the change or reformation.

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